Fun Timer
Have fun with this child friendly timer. Watch as lots of fun, cute and interesting images are revealed as the timer counts down.

Create your own timers by choosing from a range of different images which children will find fun, cute and interesting. As the timer counts down watch the images be revealed and have fun guessing what picture will be uncovered…a brilliant way to keep the little ones entertained. To make each countdown even more fun it ends with its own unique sound to let you know the time is up.

Our fun timers can be used in a range of situations. How about using them when cooking, reading or doing homework with your children? They can also be useful for keeping to bedtime routines, transitioning between activities or at bath time. The options are endless. The timers also make a fantastic tool for parents and child alike when using discipline techniques such as the ‘Naughty Step’.

An additional feature of our fun app is a specific Teeth Cleaning timer, designed to help children clean their teeth. This timer runs for 2 minutes and reveals a new image every 30 seconds to show children when to clean different sections of their mouth.

Key Features:
  • Personalise each timer by choosing an image, background colour and time duration
  • Each image is revealed every 60 seconds throughout the countdown. Help your child learn to count by collecting the images underneath the timer after every minute elapsed (up to max 30).
  • Optional ticking sound throughout your countdown and optional alarm at the end, controlled with an on-screen mute button.
  • Specific 2 minute teeth cleaning timer shows a new image every 30 seconds to indicate when to clean a different quadrant of your mouth.
  • Save your best timer settings and personalise with a name for regular use

Images include: sheep, duck, tractor, dog, frog, rocket, toothbrush, teddies , clock, egg, airplane, car, boat, flower, cow.